Another close-up photo from Igor Josifs home of the Urban Jungle Pendant
A close-up photo of the green merino wool, tornado oak, green stick, wenge logo and a green mint cylinder
A close-up photo of the walnut socket, kork element and green merino wool sphere
HAENG limited edition - Urban Jungle Bloggers pendant
Photo taken by Igor Josif - founder and author of Urban Jungle Bloggers
2.995,00 kr

HAENG limited edition - Urban Jungle Bloggers pendant

UJB pendant  (Limited edition of 10)

UJB pendant is part of the HAENG limited editions which is based on a collaboration between Urban Jungle Bloggers and HAENG. The green colors provides the lamp with an authentic, natural and urban jungle look. Mixed with the wooden materials the lamp is a reference to the beauty of nature. 

The pendant is designed by Jakob Forum and all parts is made and manufactured in Scandinavia.

6 m/236" cable in fabric
Incandescent light bulb 
Socket in walnut
Sphere in cork
Green sphere in felt made of merino wool 

Tornado in oak 

Green colored stick 
Logo pearl in wenge
Mintgreen colored cylinder

D: 12 cm L: 50 cm including light bulb